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Showroom Valet

Hand Polish From: £150

Machine Polish From: £200

The process:


  • Prepared using G850 cleaner on body and windows. Wheels brushed with Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner.
  • Pressure washed with Karcher to remove dirt.
  • Bodywork hand washed with cherry fragranced Car Shampoo.
  • Pressure washed with Karcher again.
  • Bodywork dried using Aqua-Dry synthetic leather clothes. Windows are cleaned on the outside using Window Clean.


  • Carpets, matt's and upholstery vacuumed.
  • Dashboard, center console and leather wiped.
  • Windows are cleaned on the inside using Window Clean.
  • Carpets, matt's and upholstery shampooed with Karcher Puzzi 200.
  • Leather is conditioned using protective conditioner
  • Roof lining is cleaned.
  • Air vents are sanitized with Air-Con Disinfectant Spray.


  • Tyre's dressed with protective shine Rubber Cleaner.
  • Bodywork airlined to removed trapped water.
  • Bodywork is machine polished using a variety of products (T-Cut Original, Paint Renovator, P10 Grov Polish Plus and P30 Anti Hologram Polish Plus) to restore paint.
  • Bodywork is also hand polished with Radiant Wax to add a durable deep gloss finish

Estimated Time: 5-7 hours

*All prices subject to VAT

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